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Smartphone Market Shares Q2 2009

Canalys released report on smartphone market shares for Q2 2009. For the detailed report, go to Canalys. iPhone growth is an exhilarating 626.9%! That makes iPhone roughly 60 times more exciting than Nokia phones :)

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ADC is like American Idol for geeks

Android Developer Challenge 2 (ADC) is just like American Idol, a big contest for software developers. The first similarity is that there are big prizes to be won. A whopping total of $1,975,000 USD to be won by 30 developers!

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5 x VN Girls Promo Code Vouchers

VN Girls is a newly released app. There is a free version and a $1.99 paid version to download. But right now, you may be able to get the $1.99 version without paying, by redeeming one of the 5 promo

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4 x Flowers Promo Codes Voucher

These are for grabs: 9J6FJENMLKRL TRYM6XY37YE4 7P9RWLNMWYPE LLYFKKK67YR4 Please leave a note if you used one of the code, and do write a review in App Store too. To use a promo, please go to US App Store > Home

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