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What are you working on?

Some of you might be wondering – what are you working on? Is there new releases of SG 4D, SG Toto, SG Wireless, or some other new app? txeet, is what I am currently working on. In Oct 2009, txeet

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SG 4D – Mobile website for all phones

This is a little secret. I have created a mobile website for 4D results at There is nothing special about it, other than that it was built with Google’s App Engine. Running on Google’s infrastructure and servers has its

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Hey AppVault! You copied my Broken Apple graphics!

Late last night, we found out that AppVault has added a all-too-familiar-looking Broken Apple to their website – because AppBox complained that AppVault was too similar and infringed on their copyright. Here is the original website from AppVault: But if

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SG 4D is no longer in Top 100

SG 4D was first released in Oct 2008. Since the first day it was released, it has been in the Top 100 free apps (in Singapore App Store). But in Jan 2010, SG Live 4D was released. This 4D app

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The Wonderful World of Ovi Store (Ad)

This a good commercial ad to Nokia’s Ovi Store.   The ad is good, but Ovi store is still inferior to Apple’s App Store.

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How I do mobile application testing

There are a lot of guides to general software testing methodologies, but there is a lack when it comes to testing for mobile apps. Through the years I had with mobile application development, I have formed a habit of sort.

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Why I don’t think much of Nexus One

It is just another Android phone. Tomorrow, there is going to be another big phone release by HTC or Samsung or Motorola or Sony Ericsson or LG or ZTE or Acer or Lenovo or Google.. And it is going to

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Top 25 companies and changes in a decade

Its a New Year! WJS has an interesting look at the top 25 companies across a decade – 1999 compared to 2009. One note is that there were 13 Technologies companies in 1999, while there are only 6 in 2009.

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