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How to register US iTunes Account

If you have a non-US iTunes account, and would like to download some US-only content, you need to do this. It is easy to register for another account, and you do NOT need another email address (if you use gmail),

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How to redeem promo code

To use promo code from iTunes, go to Home > Redeem (under Quick Links) > enter the promo code.

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How to prompt user to review your iPhone app

Apple’s app review is flawed – when users delete an app, it ask to rate. But if users like an app, it does not ask to rate. That is bias. If a user did not delete your app, it should

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How to read iPhone crash log?

Many times, application crashes, and a developer will have no idea what is the cause (if he knows, it would not have happened). I am not providing the how-to here, instead I am referring to anoshkin’s blog post. One valuable

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Signs that App Store is getting crowded

txeet was released on 9 Feb 2010. Shortly after releasing, I checked on App Store ranking and my analytic data, and I see signs that Apple’s App Store is getting too crowded.  

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txeet is now available for iPhone

txeet has been approved by Apple and can now be downloaded from App Store!

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Pitfalls of NSFetchedResultsController

I have recently used one of the most useful framework in iPhone 3.0 – CoreData. There are many guides on using CoreData, such as from cocoadevcentral or Apple’s guide. But what I found lacking is that there was no discussion

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SG 4D has added 20 years of 4D results!

SG 4D (mobile website) has added many more years of past 4D results! Previously, the system has only results since Nov 2006, but now it has since May 1986! The mobile website has also added a date field (ddmmyy) for

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iPad keynote in 180 sec

Spare yourself watching the 1 hr long iPad keynote. This is better, and it shows that if we repeat the same thing over and over in a presentation, the audience will bound to believe..

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