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What’s new for SG 4D?

SG 4D version 2 was released with tons of changes. It is a very exciting release, a big overhaul, and with lots of new features. In this post, I will highlight the significant changes for end-users. In the next post,

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SG 4D v2

After a long one year since version 1 was released, SG 4D version 2 for iPhone is released today! This update is a major overhaul, and there are tons of changes, including the prettier icon above. I will be describing

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What to do if WordPress is not displaying UTF-8 correctly?

A while ago, this blog was not showing correctly some chinese (UTF-8) characters. It was due to the WordPress that I have set up using a wrong character set. It was using latin1 instead of UTF-8. To solve the problem,

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Interview with mypaper 《我报》

I had an interview with mypaper 《我报》 in an article on 18 Mar, 2010. They have interviewed me over the SG Blood app that I had developed one year ago. I have always reminded myself what a friend once said:

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Apple dominates 80% of Singapore Smartphone

AdMob has released its report for Q4 2009 Southeast Asia. Some particularly useful data are: The top 3 countries are India, Indonesia and Australia, generating 72% of the traffic Singapore has 77% of the traffic coming from smartphones (the rest

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