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Pitfalls with XIB Deployment Target

I encountered a bug when installing my app on a device running iOS 3.x. The app runs fine with iOS 4.x, but crashed on iOS 3.x.
The error message is an NSUnknownKeyException encountered when the application main is run.
Terminating app [...]

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SG Motor Racing is released!

Good news from Apple, my SG Motor Racing iPhone app is released today!
Usually my apps usually get approved like inĀ 22 days, but this time, I requested Apple for an expedited review, and they grant me.

Took 12 days. Fast, but still [...]

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My Torchlight app, 2 days to develop, 22 days to approve!

My torchlight app is finally released!
It took me 2 days to develop (with most of the time dealing with the graphics), but it took Apple 22 days to review and approve!
It seems like I always have no luck with [...]

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