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The Developing World, by Fredrik Härén

The Developing World is a book by Fredrik Härén. If you belong to a developed country, this book provokes you to “wake up!” and realize how fast the developing country is catching up. If you belong to a developing country,

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iDon8 debuts iPhone app

Following the release of iDon8, TBA is reaching out to High School by giving away an iPad, and introducing them the convenience of the blood donation app! Quoted from TBA press release: The iDon8 App offers eligible donors the opportunity

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SG Radio brings you ALL 15 local radio stations

SG Radio is (finally) released! It took a long 2 months before it is finally approved by Apple. There were some hiccups due to our first design that looked too much like Apple’s iPod, and so we had to redesign,

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SG Toto v2 – Updated after 1 year!

SG Toto has been updated to version 2, after a long 1 year! The last update (version 1.0.8) was 1 year ago, and it was just a minor fix. In fact, nothing much has changed since it was released 2

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JDToaster – Android’s Toaster for iPhone

One of the UI component that I like in Android is the Toast Notification. It is subtle, non-intrusive and fades away automatically. You simply call: Toast.makeText(context, “Hello Toaster (:”, 5).show(); iPhone does not have an equivalent. It does have an

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Why WP7 will be a successful mobile OS

I have used LG Optimus 7 for a week, and I believe it will be a hit (eventually), and be a leading mobile OS. Here is why:   1. Innovative User Interface (UI) Windows Phone 7 is unlike is predecessor

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