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Invite to Quora

I can give you an invite to Quora. Just leave a message with your email in the comments. Go here, or simply enter you email below: Loading… I used to think that Quora invite is hard to get, because I

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Supported Fonts in Slideshare

Slideshare does support all fonts – including custom fonts that you download. I was told that the slides only support certain standard fonts, but I wasn’t satisfied with the answer, and so I created a slide to verify. The result

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Developed a Voice App in 3 Hours

I have recently developed a Voice Polling app, which polled users on who is the cutest presidential candidate. This app was at first created as a demo to a client. But to make it  fun, I chose to make use

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Most Popular Web Browsers in Singapore

Statistics in the past 12 months: Clearly, IE is dropping with less than 40% market share. So dear Singapore government, please improve your sucky websites.

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PaC@Gov Website Sucks. It needs BIG Progress!

PaC@Gov is a government website for 200,000 Singapore servants to view their pay slips and submit claims. It is of course a very important website to so many Singapore servants. Yet, the website sucks. Here is why: It is best

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How to Send Free Message to Anyone in LinkedIn

No doubt LinkedIn is the biggest social network for working professionals. LinkedIn is very useful for finding people with job opportunities, or connecting for business partnership. However, it doesn’t come cheap to use LinkedIn. To be able to send someone

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SMS Spreader – Run SMS Campaigns using Google Spreadsheet

There are many online websites that helps SMS marketers send thousands of SMS. You have to upload an excel file containing the mobile numbers, then configure to run the campaign. It was never easy finding and choosing a good web

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