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My THack (Hackathon) Experience

I participated in a 24hr hackathon over last weekend, and created Guidebnb – an app to find local guides. It is an Airbnb for local guides.
If you want to try out, head over to
The whole hacking session was fun, [...]

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How to fix your iPhone Home button

The Home button got to be the most problematic hardware on the iPhone.
Recently, my iPhone 4 Home button started to respond slower. I either have to press multiple times, or press harder.. If you faced the same problem, you are [...]

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AsiaTop50Apps voting system fixed

Five days ago, I posted what happens when you have a hackable voting system, and I decided to curl SG Blood to become an undisputed winner.
However, under pressure, e27 admitted their epic mistake and fixed their voting system. They employed [...]

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10 ways to think like Bill Gates

There are 10 ways to think like Bill Gates:

Ask smarter questions

Make data-driven decisions.

Divorce your ego

Frame the problem

Get perspectives on the problem

Model the problem

Think of the system and the ecosystem

Think of the problem over time

Think strategically

This Bill Gate’s thinking framework is [...]

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