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Mountain Lion kills my Python

I upgraded my Mac OS X to Mountain Lion (10.8) shortly after it was released.
Although I don’t believe it is worth upgrading, I still decided to be on ‘technology edge’.
Everything seems fine after about 2 hours of downloading and installing.. [...]

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Setting up Django with Scrapy

This guide is about using Django, the most popular Python web framework, and Scrapy, the most popular Python scraping framework. Both of the frameworks are awesome, and they work very well standalone.
Before you continue reading, make sure you are already beyond [...]

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Dotcloud Django Setup Guide, with a Bootstrap Template

I have created a bootstrap template for Dotcloud + Django + MySQL project.
The rationale for creating a template is because the Dotcloud Django guide is missing how you should setup your local development environment, and it definitely needs a template to [...]

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Python Debugger Guide (pdb) – Kind of like gdb

A lot of programmers starting with Python use just a plain vanilla text editor, and command line.
Although fancier IDE such as WingIDE comes with a built-in debugger, the IDE-less way of programming is still very awesome. Moreover, my  favorite IDE – [...]

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