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How to create explainer video for your product?

Most websites now use videos for their homepage.
Those 1-2 minutes videos are known as explainer videos, like this:


Why make video?
This is because no one likes to read text.
And human brain gets attracted, and therefore understands better, when being stimulated visually [...]

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The Malkovich Bias

I have learnt of a new phenomena.
The Malkovich Bias – is┬ádefined as the tendency to believe that everyone uses the web the same way as you do.
How many times have you heard friends/colleagues saying these:
“No one will click on advertisement [...]

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Usability Testing Tools: Silverback vs Camtasia

I tried 3 software on my Mac for conducting usability testing for a website.
The first software is using Quick Time, which comes free with every Mac OS X. Quick Time has screen recording feature – which is minimally good enough [...]

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Use Simple Terms – Otherwise you are just talking to yourself

I was reading TIMES on an article about IMF chief Christine Lagarde.
Lagarde is a lawyer by training, and it is kind of misfit for a lady to work in the finance industry, with so many men. But it is not [...]

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2013 Jan Posts from

These are recent posts from

How to replicate iOS Crash feedback from Apple

iOS Developer Tips 2013

It takes 18 weeks to build a mobile app

iOS Devices Cheat Sheet

7 iOS Custom Popup Views

Phewtick API – Message to any user you want

How to [...]

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setuptools – Python tool to distribute and install your SDK/package

setuptools is a tool to download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages — easily!
If you just need to install other people’s packages, this is NOT for you. All you need is pypi and knowing the command

pip install some-package

setuptools is [...]

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Sphinx – Documentation for Python

Python is a wonderful language also because of the awesome tools that are available.
One of which is Sphinx. It is like markdown, but even more powerful, with cross referencing of pages and autogeneration of doc for python code.
Start with installing [...]

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Tips for Developers Upgrading to Mountain Lion

If you are a developer using Python for any purposes (warning: you could be using without knowing), do take heed.
Mountain Lion Kills Python
As discussed in my previous post, upgrading to Mountain Lion will cause many of Python packages not to [...]

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Mountain Lion kills my Python

I upgraded my Mac OS X to Mountain Lion (10.8) shortly after it was released.
Although I don’t believe it is worth upgrading, I still decided to be on ‘technology edge’.
Everything seems fine after about 2 hours of downloading and installing.. [...]

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Setting up Django with Scrapy

This guide is about using Django, the most popular Python web framework, and Scrapy, the most popular Python scraping framework. Both of the frameworks are awesome, and they work very well standalone.
Before you continue reading, make sure you are already beyond [...]

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