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How to create explainer video for your product?

Most websites now use videos for their homepage.
Those 1-2 minutes videos are known as explainer videos, like this:


Why make video?
This is because no one likes to read text.
And human brain gets attracted, and therefore understands better, when being stimulated visually [...]

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Tips for Developers Upgrading to Mountain Lion

If you are a developer using Python for any purposes (warning: you could be using without knowing), do take heed.
Mountain Lion Kills Python
As discussed in my previous post, upgrading to Mountain Lion will cause many of Python packages not to [...]

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Setting up Django with Scrapy

This guide is about using Django, the most popular Python web framework, and Scrapy, the most popular Python scraping framework. Both of the frameworks are awesome, and they work very well standalone.
Before you continue reading, make sure you are already beyond [...]

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Dotcloud Django Setup Guide, with a Bootstrap Template

I have created a bootstrap template for Dotcloud + Django + MySQL project.
The rationale for creating a template is because the Dotcloud Django guide is missing how you should setup your local development environment, and it definitely needs a template to [...]

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Python Debugger Guide (pdb) – Kind of like gdb

A lot of programmers starting with Python use just a plain vanilla text editor, and command line.
Although fancier IDE such as WingIDE comes with a built-in debugger, the IDE-less way of programming is still very awesome. Moreover, my  favorite IDE – [...]

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Open Finder folder in Terminal [for Mac OS Lion]

Prior to Lion, I used to install plugins that can open a finder folder in Terminal with just 1 click.
However, with Mac OS Lion, we can now easily add a Service or a keyboard shortcut to do that!
Here is how [...]

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5 Ways to Find Anyone’s Email

1) Basic Search
Google: [name] + (email or “contact me” or “contact us” )
2) Website Search
Google: + [name] + email
3) Social networks
Google: [name] + linkedin/twitter/facebook
4)  Paid Services
Use 123people or linkedin (tips: a free way to message)
5) Whois
Do a whois lookup of his website or blog. There is a [...]

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Sniff iPhone HTTP Traffic using mitmproxy

Sniffing traffic is a very hackish thing to do. So if you are against hacking things, stop reading.
There are a couple of ways to sniff the HTTP traffic. Using Wireshark, which has a nice user interface, is one of the [...]

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How to Cheat iPhone Apps and Games (Tiny Tower, etc)

I have a secret. I cheated badly with some iPhone games.
The key to cheating is use an awesome software to hack the app. It involves changing some variables in the program.
General Steps:

Download iExplorer and install
Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and open iExplorer
Edit [...]

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Lion Would Not Sleep (Mac OS)

Not sure since which update, my Mac OS Lion 10.7 would not go into sleep mode.
Apparently, you can find out which service is preventing your Mac from sleeping by executing the bash command:

pmset -g assertions

This is the result for me:

What’s [...]

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