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The Better Guide to Installing Android SDK

I wasn’t impressed with Android team on their documentation for installing Android SDK. It is long, and jumps from page to page. Here is my better version:
Step 1 – Install Eclipse IDE
Go to and download Eclipse Classic (the latest version is 3.7.1).
After [...]

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How to fix your iPhone Home button

The Home button got to be the most problematic hardware on the iPhone.
Recently, my iPhone 4 Home button started to respond slower. I either have to press multiple times, or press harder.. If you faced the same problem, you are [...]

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How to Send Free Message to Anyone in LinkedIn

No doubt LinkedIn is the biggest social network for working professionals.
LinkedIn is very useful for finding people with job opportunities, or connecting for business partnership. However, it doesn’t come cheap to use LinkedIn. To be able to send someone [...]

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Adding live chat to your blog/website

Adding live chat to your blog/website gives you another means to communicate with your website visitor.
It is especially useful for e-commerce website whereby product support is much needed. A live chat would be a good experience for the visitor [...]

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A method to easily create multiple email accounts (gmail)

There is a method to easily create multiple, or thousands, of email accounts! All it requires is 1 real gmail account.
Let’s say you have 1 gmail account –
Then you already have multiple gmail accounts!,, etc..
This is because [...]

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How to get invited to Google+ (workaround method)

Google+ is a new social network application that Google has recently introduced.
It is like both Facebook and twitter, yet even more awesome.
With killer features such as hangout, where several friends can join a VIDEO chatroom, and even watch youtube together! [...]

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How to update to iOS 5 beta?

You have probably heard about iOS 5 from the recent Apple’s WWDC keynote. It includes 200 new features – iMessage, Notification Center, twitter integration, Reminders, taking pictures with volume key, etc..
But you have to wait until Fall of 2011 to [...]

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Setting PATH variable in Mac permanently

This post I will highlight 3 ways to change to your PATH variable.
1. The quick way
Firstly, check your current PATH
echo $PATH

If the directory (eg. /my/new/path/) you want to add is not already in your current PATH, then you can [...]

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How to view a website that has been deleted?

Sometimes, people delete their blog/website to protect their privacy.
For example, during Singapore Election, when Nicole Seah of NSP (National Solidarity Party) is nominated as a candidate, and she instantly becomes a public figure.
She starts protecting her privacy on Facebook, [...]

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How to identify fake reviews

App Store reviews play a very important role in a customer’s decision to download an app.
As such, it is very common for the developers to write “reviews” for themselves.
I was prompted to write this article when @mugunthkumar mentioned “the reviews [...]

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