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The Malkovich Bias

I have learnt of a new phenomena.
The Malkovich Bias – is defined as the tendency to believe that everyone uses the web the same way as you do.
How many times have you heard friends/colleagues saying these:
“No one will click on advertisement [...]

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Google April Fools Joke 2013

Google takes April Fools day very seriously.
This year, they joked on Google Nose, Treasure Map, shutting down of Youtube, and website visitors from outer space.


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My THack (Hackathon) Experience

I participated in a 24hr hackathon over last weekend, and created Guidebnb – an app to find local guides. It is an Airbnb for local guides.
If you want to try out, head over to
The whole hacking session was fun, [...]

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AsiaTop50Apps voting system fixed

Five days ago, I posted what happens when you have a hackable voting system, and I decided to curl SG Blood to become an undisputed winner.
However, under pressure, e27 admitted their epic mistake and fixed their voting system. They employed [...]

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What happens when you have a hackable voting system?

Unfortunately, this happened to Asia’s Top 50 Apps nomination, presented by Singtel Innovation Exchange, and e27 as the organizer.
Interestingly, e27 community manager posted a blunt story about their flawed voting system.
I like how the story revealed things from an organizer [...]

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How Many Developers Are There In The World?

I have always been curious over the number of developers in each country. Recently, out of a need to present this statistics for my work, I went deeper to search for an answer.
StackExchange provided me with data for a few [...]

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SMS Spreader – Run SMS Campaigns using Google Spreadsheet

There are many online websites that helps SMS marketers send thousands of SMS. You have to upload an excel file containing the mobile numbers, then configure to run the campaign.
It was never easy finding and choosing a good web service [...]

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iPhone tracks your location. See it on map yourself.

It was recently revealed by 2 researchers that iPhone is secretly tracking where you go!
Download this Mac app, iPhone Tracker, which will read a file stored on your Mac when you sync your iPhone. Download it here, unzip and simply [...]

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How to identify fake reviews

App Store reviews play a very important role in a customer’s decision to download an app.
As such, it is very common for the developers to write “reviews” for themselves.
I was prompted to write this article when @mugunthkumar mentioned “the reviews [...]

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The Developing World, by Fredrik Härén

The Developing World is a book by Fredrik Härén.
If you belong to a developed country, this book provokes you to “wake up!” and realize how fast the developing country is catching up.
If you belong to a developing country, this books [...]

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