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New App: Poo Keeper!

Poo Keeper is an iPhone app to record your poop!
You never see wrong. It is really an app to record your poop, aka shit/turd/stool/dump.
While it might seem totally strange to use such an app, especially bringing it to the toilet [...]

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SG 4D v3 – No more under my care

I launched SG 4D app in Mar 2009.
After 4 years, I am now transferring ownership to someone else. Starting with version 3.0, it is developed by another company.
The good news is:

The app no longer has ads!
And you don’t have to pay [...]

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Find the real exception in Xcode debugger

There are times when you have exceptions raised in Xcode, but it breaks at UIApplicationMain in main(), and without giving you clues on where the error comes from.
There is a way to show more helpful debugging info.
Basically you need to set [...]

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How to fix your iPhone Home button

The Home button got to be the most problematic hardware on the iPhone.
Recently, my iPhone 4 Home button started to respond slower. I either have to press multiple times, or press harder.. If you faced the same problem, you are [...]

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How to update to iOS 5 beta?

You have probably heard about iOS 5 from the recent Apple’s WWDC keynote. It includes 200 new features – iMessage, Notification Center, twitter integration, Reminders, taking pictures with volume key, etc..
But you have to wait until Fall of 2011 to [...]

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iPhone tracks your location. See it on map yourself.

It was recently revealed by 2 researchers that iPhone is secretly tracking where you go!
Download this Mac app, iPhone Tracker, which will read a file stored on your Mac when you sync your iPhone. Download it here, unzip and simply [...]

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How to identify fake reviews

App Store reviews play a very important role in a customer’s decision to download an app.
As such, it is very common for the developers to write “reviews” for themselves.
I was prompted to write this article when @mugunthkumar mentioned “the reviews [...]

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Wireless Ad Hoc Distribution for iPhone Apps

This post is for iPhone developers who need to send pre-released apps to (beta) testers.
For a long time since iOS development began, whenever developers need to send a pre-released app, testers need to go through a tedious process to install [...]

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SG Radio brings you ALL 15 local radio stations

Update: The app encountered glitches with many stations not being able to play. App is taken down until this is fixed.

SG Radio is (finally) released! It took a long 2 months before it is finally approved by Apple.
There were some [...]

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SG Toto v2 – Updated after 1 year!

SG Toto has been updated to version 2, after a long 1 year!
The last update (version 1.0.8) was 1 year ago, and it was just a minor fix. In fact, nothing much has changed since it was released 2 [...]

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