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Officially Launching Just2us, as a Business

5 years ago, I bought this domain name as a holding for my apps and also technology discussion.
Yesterday, I officially left my day job of 7-years.
Today, I am officially registering Just2us as a business in Singapore (:

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Top Radio App for Malaysia after 1 month

After launching for 1 month, MY Radio slowly rise to the top and become the #1 radio app for Malaysia!
Here’s the download statistics for the last 1 month in Malaysia App Store.

Currently at position #43 of Malaysia Top Free Apps, [...]

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MY Radio for Malaysia

I am releasing the first “branch” of SG Radio.
Introducing.. MY Radio!

This also explains why I have changed the app icon design.

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A new 3D icon for radio, for the flat iOS 7

While the new iOS 7 embraces flat design, I have introduced a new 3D icon for SG Radio.
The old icon:

The new icon:

This goes against the new iOS 7 flat philosophy.
Yeah, I am rebellious, and loves adding 3D to boring flat [...]

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SG 4D v3 – No more under my care

I launched SG 4D app in Mar 2009.
After 4 years, I am now transferring ownership to someone else. Starting with version 3.0, it is developed by another company.
The good news is:

The app no longer has ads!
And you don’t have to pay [...]

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New Blog Theme

After 4 years since appeared in the blogosphere, I updated the (WordPress) theme today!
It’s a long overdue update, considering that the Internet moves at such tremendous speed. What I see as a nice blog template 4 years ago, it’s unfortunately [...]

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2013 Jan Posts from

These are recent posts from

How to replicate iOS Crash feedback from Apple

iOS Developer Tips 2013

It takes 18 weeks to build a mobile app

iOS Devices Cheat Sheet

7 iOS Custom Popup Views

Phewtick API – Message to any user you want

How to [...]

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October Posts in

Total Posts Count: 17!
Common Git Usage
OCT 30 – Some of my most common git commands and settings

iOS Guide to Multiple Device Resolutions
OCT 29 – More screen resolutions with iPhone 5

Wifi Scanner for Mac OSX (Mountain Lion)
OCT 28 – Do you know Mountain Lion [...]

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This blog has migrated to

I have started a new blog at, powered by a new, nicer & better blogging framework.
Read on why I made the switch:
Most of my blog posts will be published on from now on. As for, I will [...]

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App Store Most Popular Category

Unsurprisingly, the most most popular apps are Messaging, Voice and Social Networking. And remember: LBS has high potential to shift right.

* App Store refers to app store of all major smartphone platform, not just Apple’s

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