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Apps UI Pattern

It is typical for non-developers to assume the UI used in iPhone app can be used for Android, and vice versa. Of course that’s not true.
There are websites that documented the patterns commonly found for these mobile platforms, and provides [...]

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Wireframe Templates for iPhone and Android

These are wireframe templates specially for printing on paper, and sketching your design on it. It is a good resource for developing your initial idea on paper.
iPhone Wireframe Template

by Evan K. Stone — see original source
Android Wireframe Template

by [...]

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Singtel’s Advertisement for Galaxy S is Inaccurate..

On a full page advertisement for Samsung Galaxy S in Straits Times today:

I am happy to find SG Toto as one of the app that works for the Android phone.
But wait, I don’t remember releasing the app for Android..

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Switching to Nexus One

Ok, I once said that I don’t think much of Nexus One.. but Google is generous enough to give me one.. and since I promised, I shall switch to use Nexus One for a week (:
And ya, her name is [...]

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Why I don’t think much of Nexus One

It is just another Android phone.
Tomorrow, there is going to be another big phone release by HTC or Samsung or Motorola or Sony Ericsson or LG or ZTE or Acer or Lenovo or Google..
And it is going to be dubbed [...]

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SG 4D, now on Android

SG 4D is an app to checking Singapore Pool’s 4D lottery results.
One year ago, SG 4D for iPhone was released. Since then, it has remained as a Top 100 app in Singapore App Store! Looks like this simple [...]

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How to flash a Hero ROM onto ADP1 (dev phone)

This post describes my experience in flashing a Hero ROM onto a ADP1 Google’s development phone, also known as a G1 or HTC Dream.
I. Downgrading Android to RC29

Format sdcard to FAT
Download DREAIMG-RC29
Unzip and copy DREAIMG.nbh to root of sdcard
Power [...]

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txeet v1.0.2 for Halloween!

txeet v1.0.2 has been released, just in time for Halloween! In this new version, you will find Halloween SMS templates added under Occasions & Festivals. Send your friends and family a Halloween message today!
When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, [...]

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txeet: SMS template

txeet is an Android application developed by one of us (-:
Two things about txeet:

It is a fun SMS application. No longer will you run out of miss-you, love-you or hate-you messages to send.
It is build with Google technologies – [...]

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5 reasons Google Android will beat iPhone, BlackBerry and WinMo

Inspired Zdnet’s prediction of the smartphone market, I gazed into my own crystal ball for 5 reasons why Google Android will prevail in the coming years.

Android is an open source operating system that welcomes every handset manufacturer. This means there [...]

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