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4 x Flowers Promo Codes Voucher

These are for grabs:


Please leave a note if you used one of the code, and do write a review in App Store too. To use a promo, please go to US App Store > Home > [...]

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Fights crime with.. flowers?

Operation Flower began in Japan in 2006, after a neighborhood watch organization reported that houses with flowers in front had less burglaries.
It is said that more people will be keeping an eye out while taking care of the flowers or [...]

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Promotion: Get Flowers paid version for free!

Good news! Five promo codes for Flowers will be given out! Promo codes are redeemable vouchers for paid apps in iTunes App Store. In other words, you could get a $0.99 app for free :)
To get one of the [...]

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 Flowers streams random photos on the Internet with the theme "flower". It is a photography app to appreciating beautiful natural flora. You would get to see lovely flowers like these.

If you see a rose, a sunflower or a [...]

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