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Sniff iPhone HTTP Traffic using mitmproxy

Sniffing traffic is a very hackish thing to do. So if you are against hacking things, stop reading.
There are a couple of ways to sniff the HTTP traffic. Using Wireshark, which has a nice user interface, is one of the [...]

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How to Cheat iPhone Apps and Games (Tiny Tower, etc)

I have a secret. I cheated badly with some iPhone games.
The key to cheating is use an awesome software to hack the app. It involves changing some variables in the program.
General Steps:

Download iExplorer and install
Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and open iExplorer
Edit [...]

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How to ALWAYS earn $10 for each Groupon deal

Groupon has a rewards program that rewards you $10 when you

introduce a new customer AND
the new customer purchase a deal

This is a trick, or a hack, to ALWAYS earn you $10.
For example, if there is a $6 Bak Kwa deal, [...]

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