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Tips for Developers Upgrading to Mountain Lion

If you are a developer using Python for any purposes (warning: you could be using without knowing), do take heed. Mountain Lion Kills Python As discussed in my previous post, upgrading to Mountain Lion will cause many of Python packages

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Mountain Lion kills my Python

I upgraded my Mac OS X to Mountain Lion (10.8) shortly after it was released. Although I don’t believe it is worth upgrading, I still decided to be on ‘technology edge’. Everything seems fine after about 2 hours of downloading

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Open Finder folder in Terminal [for Mac OS Lion]

Prior to Lion, I used to install plugins that can open a finder folder in Terminal with just 1 click. However, with Mac OS Lion, we can now easily add a Service or a keyboard shortcut to do that! Here

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Lion Would Not Sleep (Mac OS)

Not sure since which update, my Mac OS Lion 10.7 would not go into sleep mode. Apparently, you can find out which service is preventing your Mac from sleeping by executing the bash command: pmset -g assertions This is the

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OS X Lion can install on multiple Mac with a single purchase

In case you are wondering if you need to pay $29.99 for every Mac that you own, you don’t. Purchase a single copy using the same iTunes account, and all your authorized Macs would be able to install. This was

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Setting PATH variable in Mac permanently

This post I will highlight 3 ways to change to your PATH variable.   1. The quick way Firstly, check your current PATH echo $PATH If the directory (eg. /my/new/path/) you want to add is not already in your current

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Snow Leopard and integrity

Apple latest OS X 10.6, otherwise better known as Snow Leopard, is selling in a few flavors – $29 for single user upgrade, $59 for family pack upgrade and $169 for single user full boxed set. But no matter which

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