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A new 3D icon for radio, for the flat iOS 7

While the new iOS 7 embraces flat design, I have introduced a new 3D icon for SG Radio.
The old icon:

The new icon:

This goes against the new iOS 7 flat philosophy.
Yeah, I am rebellious, and loves adding 3D to boring flat [...]

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Power 98 & Jia 883 Have Added Internet Streaming

For a long while, Power 98 and Jia 883 did not have Internet streaming.. It is not a coincident that both are SAFRA radio stations..
But gladly, both now supports Internet streaming!
With that, SG Radio v1.2 is released, with the 2 new [...]

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SG Radio is Fixed

One year ago, I released SG Radio, but the app encountered a major glitch, and was taken down.
I am sorry for taking so long to fix an app.. yeah 1 year to be exactly apologetic
Here it is, back to the App [...]

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SG Radio brings you ALL 15 local radio stations

Update: The app encountered glitches with many stations not being able to play. App is taken down until this is fixed.

SG Radio is (finally) released! It took a long 2 months before it is finally approved by Apple.
There were some [...]

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