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JDToaster – Android’s Toaster for iPhone

One of the UI component that I like in Android is the Toast Notification. It is subtle, non-intrusive and fades away automatically. You simply call: Toast.makeText(context, “Hello Toaster (:”, 5).show(); iPhone does not have an equivalent. It does have an

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Pitfalls of NSFetchedResultsController

I have recently used one of the most useful framework in iPhone 3.0 – CoreData. There are many guides on using CoreData, such as from cocoadevcentral or Apple’s guide. But what I found lacking is that there was no discussion

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How to obfuscate an Android application

There is no easy way to obfuscate Java classes of an Android app. This is no Eclipse plugin, nor even a working ant script. Maybe there are working ant scripts. But for Android SDK 1.5, it seems like no one

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How to create multiple targets for Xcode iPhone Projects

If you want to build multiple versions of an application from a single Xcode project, you would want to cerate multiple targets. For example, when you want to release a free version and also a paid version, you should create

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