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Find the real exception in Xcode debugger

There are times when you have exceptions raised in Xcode, but it breaks at UIApplicationMain in main(), and without giving you clues on where the error comes from. There is a way to show more helpful debugging info. Basically you need

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Wireless Ad Hoc Distribution for iPhone Apps

This post is for iPhone developers who need to send pre-released apps to (beta) testers. For a long time since iOS development began, whenever developers need to send a pre-released app, testers need to go through a tedious process to

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Reading iPhone Crashlog

I don’t have to discuss why you would want to read a crashlog.. it is just so much helpful than someone complaining “your app crashed”. Reading iPhone’s crashlog is so much simple now. In the past, you would need scripts

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Pitfalls with XIB Deployment Target

I encountered a bug when installing my app on a device running iOS 3.x. The app runs fine with iOS 4.x, but crashed on iOS 3.x. The error message is an NSUnknownKeyException encountered when the application main is run. Terminating

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Building Your Own iPhone Static Library/Framework

It is good programmer practice to build your very own framework. As a programmer, you would find certain tasks often the same across multiple projects. You might have experienced these before – writing (or copy-paste) the same code to perform

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