JDToaster – Android’s Toaster for iPhone

Published on November 5, 2010

One of the UI component that I like in Android is the Toast Notification. It is subtle, non-intrusive and fades away automatically. You simply call:

Toast.makeText(context, “Hello Toaster (:”, 5).show();

iPhone does not have an equivalent. It does have an Alert, but that is too intrusive.

As such, I created my own Toaster class. It was first used in SG 4D, 2 years ago, to show “No new results..” when user refreshed and there is no new results. That very first version was hastily created, with images used for the grey background.

2 years later, I improved my library. One of which is this Toaster class. I removed the images, and created the round radius programmatically.

It is a very simple class, which I wrote within minutes. I am open sourcing JDToaster and hosting it in github public repos.

How to use JDToaster

  1. Download the source form https://github.com/samwize/JDToaster

  2. Copy JDToasterView.h and JDToasterView.m to your project

  3. To show a Toast, simply call

[JDToasterView showToasterWithMessage:@"Hello Toaster (:" forDuration:5];

You will get something similar to this:


That’s it!