SG Radio brings you ALL 15 local radio stations

Published on November 13, 2010

SG Radio is (finally) released! It took a long 2 months before it is finally approved by Apple.

There were some hiccups due to our first design that looked too much like Apple’s iPod, and so we had to redesign, and redesign.. More details on how SG Radio was rejected by Apple in a later post.

Now, let’s look at what the app does!


Simply put, SG Radio plays radio from SG!

It is like MeRadio, Radio 91.3 and  Radio 100.3 combined, but with slicker interface, yet packed with better features! We highlight 3 features below:


15 Radio Stations

This is the only iPhone app that plays ALL 15 Singapore radio stations, from BOTH Media Corp’s and SPH’s!

Specifically, SG Radio supports:

✔ FM 913 – Today’s Best Music

✔ FM 938 – Live

✔ FM 987 – Only the hits

✔ FM 950 – Class 95

✔ FM 905 – Gold 90.5

✔ FM 995 – Lush

✔ FM 924 – Symphony

✔ FM 958 – 城市频道

✔ FM 972 – 最爱频道

✔ FM 933 – 醉心频道

✔ FM 897 – Ria

✔ FM 942 – Warna

✔ FM 968 – ஒலி

✔ FM 963 – Expat Radio

✔ FM 1003 – 資訊娛樂台


Rewind and Forward

Screen4This is a feature that only we support!

Missed something that your deejay said? Don’t worry! With SG Radio, you can rewind, and listen again and again! (Note: Rewind is a locked feature, while pause and forward is free)

You can also pause a radio station while you pick up a call, or attending to some other business, and SG Radio will buffer whatever you are missing! When you un-pause, you will be able to listen from the point you paused, missing not a single thing!

We love this and hope you like it!





Currently Playing Songs

Screen3Showing the currently playing song from a radio station is nothing fantastic.

But we have done it better. We show you ALL songs that all 15 radio stations are currently playing in 1 place! Now you can switch over to a station easily when you see your favorite song playing.

We love this too and hope you like it!







Download now, its FREE

We believe this is a must have app for radio fans, so please download it now from App Store!

Listen, enjoy, have fun (: