The Developing World, by Fredrik Härén

Published on November 19, 2010

The Developing World is a book by Fredrik Härén.

If you belong to a developed country, this book provokes you to “wake up!” and realize how fast the developing country is catching up.

If you belong to a developing country, this books shows you the advantage that you have over the developed country, and urge you to outrun them.

In the last pages of the book, there is a manifesto from the perspective of a developing world. Must watch!

Lifting one of the memorable paragraph in the book:

“I never plan” 

– Jack Ma, Founder of

If 2 people compete in a race and one is planning to get out of bed and put his shoe on, while the other is already running, then the person will come first.

I just mean that the orienteer who is forever looking at the map will not win.

The winner is the one who runs fastest in the right direction while looking at the map once in a while to make sure he is running in the right way.