4 Headlines to Get Readers Excited

Published on December 6, 2011

I read from problogger on writing good headlines for your blog post, and thought it is worth sharing.

Instead of always writing your headline in usual plain ways, follow these rules to get your readers excited. These are the 4 proven styles.


1. Intrigue Style

Intrigue readers by making them think “how can that be possible??” or “what is this stuff about??”.

eg. “Learn How to Develop Facebook Platform in a Day”


2. Finality Style

This usually consist of the words “The Ultimate Guide to …” or “The Secret Guide …”

eg. “The Ultimate Guide to Android Programming”


3. Topic + Hype Style

Add hype to your topic statement.

Eg. “iOS Development Guide: Earn Your First Million Dollar”


4. List Style

This includes a number in the title.

Eg. “4 Headlines to Get Readers Excited” :)