How to Cheat iPhone Apps and Games (Tiny Tower, etc)

Published on May 9, 2012

I have a secret. I cheated badly with some iPhone games.

The key to cheating is use an awesome software to hack the app. It involves changing some variables in the program.

General Steps:

  1. Download iExplorer and install
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and open iExplorer
  3. Edit the game’s plist to make yourself super rich or invincible or whatever. I will use Tiny Tower as an example.

Exact steps to Cheat Tiny Tower

There is a good Wiki on that. Read on the infinite tower bux hack. Their version is kind of long. So here is my shorter version, with an edited missions.plist. It’s all that you need.

  1. Open iExplorer with your iPhone attached to your PC/Mac
  2. Browse to Apps > Tiny Tower > Documents (see screenshot)
  3. Download this edited missions.plist and drag/copy to the Documents folder
  4. Run the game and complete that new infinite bux mission!

iExplorer is a really awesome tool for hackers. You could use it to hack most apps, including Facebook , Scramble with Friends, etc.

So, if you hacked other apps, do share with me!