Finding Solace on Radio

Published on March 30, 2015

When Singapore founding father passed away, many of us tuned into radio to hear on the news.

I was one of them.

On Day 1, every Singapore radio station played solemn music tracks. There was no pop song or any talk show. Everyone was mourning over the lost of a great leader.

On Day 2, every Singapore radio station resumed playing of songs, but only love songs.

It feels really sad listening to radio, yet it seems like the only way to find solace among fellow Singaporeans.

Every song seems to be handpicked and dedicated to Mr Lee and his family.

It was on Day 2 that I decided to change SG Radio song title to Forever We Remember You.

SG Radio #RememberingLKY

SG Radio #RememberingLKY

It dawned on me — Radio will continue to be a powerful media.

In times like this, we can find solace together.

While traditional radio is an old technology, the function of radio continues to be awesome. It is better than TV; it felt like the deejays are talking to you. It is better than Facebook or other social media; as it is well curated and not cluttered.

That’s what I like about radio.

That’s why I created SG Radio.

We need to upgrade this “old technology” to a new level.