Torchlight App Update

Published on February 5, 2019

The latest update for Torchlight goes like this..

◎ Launch with the last torch mode you use
◎ Improvements and fixes for iOS 12
◎ Improved layout for new iPhone XS Max phone factor and iPad
◎ Works for iPad without camera LED

While the changelog don’t seem like much, it did undergone drastic changes under the hood.

It was a totally rewrite using the new programming language (Objective-C to Swift 4.2). For users, this means much improved stability (less bugs)!

This needs to be told. Hope you appreciate it. More updates will come now that the app runs on the new engine :)

A New Website

Ah ha, and we have a new website for the app too.

We pride ourselves as the easiest to use flashlight app, and works for iPad too.

Three simple modes for different situations.

Download, and be prepared when you need it.