Forever We Remember You – Mr Lee Kuan Yew

SG Radio #RememberingLKY

SG Radio #RememberingLKY


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Sex Ratio App – How many males/females Facebook Friends you have?

Ever wondered how many male to female friends you have?

I wondered that before, and created a simple Facebook app – Sex Ratio – 4 years ago.

sex ratio facebook friends

PS: It was a long time that I developed this 1-day-hack 4 years ago, using heroku and PHP (oh yah PHP!). It still works and hosted on the free heroku server. How nice Heroku!

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Know When Last Poo-ed in Today Widget

Poo Keeper v1.2 is released, with two big changes.

1. Today Extension

Under Today (the tab beside your Notifications), you will now see how long since you last poo-ed.

Since last poo-ed

A convenient way to tell it’s time :)

Note: To use, you have to scroll to bottom > Edit > Add Poo Keeper to your Today list.


2. FREE Version

Secondly, the app is now offered as a FREE version.

The caveat: there will be ads

You can remove the ads by paying $1.99 USD with in-app purchase, which is just like the previously paid version.

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Big Day app for wedding released!

Have you lost count of the number of weddings you have been to?

(If you are getting married) Have you wished there is a beautiful and free app that provides all the information about your wedding, including RSVP?

Big Day is our new app to these wedding problems!

Big Day

Big Day

The first versioon has been released on the iOS App Store, and you can download it FREE.

Android is coming soon in late August!

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And Finally, Brazil+

There’s England+ and Germany+, of course there is Brazil+.


Finally, all 3 Football+ apps are released, in the midst of World Cup 2014.

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Apple Review Took So Long, until England is Eliminated

As a sequel to Germany+, the next app released is England+.


Unfortunately, Apple review took so long, that by the time England+  is released, England is already eliminated from World Cup 2014..

England are left with 1 last match in the group stage, which they are playing for nothing.

I recommend to bet ALL-IN of your 100 coins on England to win. There’s nothing to lose (:

Download the shortest lived app

Trivial: Apple review took 1 month because the app failed review a few times. One of which is infringement of copyright terms e.g. “World Cup”.

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New App: Germany+

This started off as an idea from a hackathon, which was eventually released after 1 month of polishing.


Germany+ is an iOS app for Germany football fans to follow how their national team is doing.

There are 2 main features of the app:

  1. Track the live scores (with push notification on goals)
  2. Predict the outcome and win virtual coins

The innovation of this app is in the way you predict the outcome.

Instead of betting on the myriad of bet types eg. 1X2 or Asian Handicaps, this app allows you to only bet on Germany to win.

You CANNOT bet on Germany to lose or draw. That will be contradictory since you are a Germany fan, right?

There are odds for each match, so you got to wager according to your confidence level of Germany to win.

The good news is, the odds are much higher than traditional 1X2 odds, so on average, you should have a positive return.

Germany+ is a positive soccer betting app (:

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SG Football 2.0 – Revamped and fixed for World Cup 2014!

SG Football 2.0 was released today!

I apologize to all users who were waiting for a fix to the app. There was a change to the Singapore Pools odds format, hence the app could not load the data previously.

SG Football 2.0

But all is good now, in fact even better!

How so better?

  • Support all 15 bet types natively (1.x has only 5 types)
  • Landscape support – makes it easier to see total goals odds!
  • Modern iOS 7 Style
  • Support for the taller iPhone 5
  • Removed tab bar so you have more viewing space (less scrolling)
  • Nicer font :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck, have fun (:

For World Cup 2014 and beyond!

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Just2us – WordPress hosted on a private cloud

This year Just2us has many transformations.

Earlier, I launched Just2s officially as a business.

Today, I am switching Just2us from a shared web host to a private cloud hosting!

Digital Ocean

There is no noticeable change, but it does mean a lot in terms of the architecture for this website.

It is now running on a Singapore server, with SSD Disk! FAST-ER!

On a technical note.. some of you might be interested to read how I switched from Host Gator to Digital Ocean. I have no qualms with Host Gator, but it doesn’t provide me as much value as I need anymore. Specifically, a shared web host cannot let me setup advanced stuff.


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New App: Poo Keeper!

Poo Keeper is an iPhone app to record your poop!

You never see wrong. It is really an app to record your poop, aka shit/turd/stool/dump.

While it might seem totally strange to use such an app, especially bringing it to the toilet for your “second”, there are health benefits that the app can boost of.

  • Track when you last poop-ed if you have irregular bowels, yet not remembering when was the last
  • Be reminded by the app
  • Aim to bake a type 4 poop – a smooth sausage
  • Take picture of your poops if requested by doctor

I understand most people will not need this app.

But for the few that the app can help, you can download Poo Keeper from the App Store today.

Poo Keeper icon

PS: It’s totally like Run Keeper, but for poop!

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