Hey AppVault! You copied my Broken Apple graphics!

Published on January 23, 2010

Late last night, we found out that AppVault has added a all-too-familiar-looking Broken Apple to their website – because AppBox complained that AppVault was too similar and infringed on their copyright. Here is the original website from AppVault:

AppVault copyrighted broken

But if you go to the website now, you would see the below instead. Spot the differences?</p>

AppVault without broken apple </p>

Hmmm.. they took away MY BROKEN APPLE graphics! I am fine with you infringing my copyright, just give me due credits, can?

AppVault comment

@AppVault, can you not silently drop my case? You don’t just remove an infringed material from your App Store blog just because you can :p