SG 4D is no longer in Top 100

Published on January 22, 2010

SG 4D was first released in Oct 2008. Since the first day it was released, it has been in the Top 100 free apps (in Singapore App Store).

But in Jan 2010, SG Live 4D was released. This 4D app is developed by another company (not by me). It is the fastest and coolest (reading the numbers in Hokkien?) 4D app in the app store. And therefore, it kicked out SG 4D from its throne :(

The new 4D app by Live4D

Ah.. but that is how the consumer market works.

When there is a better product, users will eventually flock to it. Even better if it is free. Take the case of Google’s free vs Nokia’s paid on the mobile. Nokia is taking action only because of tough competition. If there isn’t any competition, Nokia would continue to charge $$ to users. There is no reason not to earn..

Back to SG 4D. I am sure end-users will get better app when there are more choices. No doubt.