A method to easily create multiple email accounts (gmail)

Published on July 17, 2011

There is a method to easily create multiple, or thousands, of email accounts! All it requires is 1 real gmail account.

Let’s say you have 1 gmail account – [email protected]

Then you already have multiple gmail accounts!  <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, etc..

This is because gmail has this cool trick where it can let you pre-label your emails. It works by giving out a version of your email that comes with the label. Eg. if you want to label all emails from your colleagues with “work”, then you would give them <[email protected]>.

You might be wondering: why would I need multiple email accounts?

It depends. For me, having multiple email accounts allow me to register certain services multiple times. For example, if a trial account expires in 1 month, I could infinitely register for trial accounts using different email accounts (:

I have also used the trick when registering for a US iTunes Account (in addition to my SG iTunes Account).