Adding live chat to your blog/website

Published on July 17, 2011

Adding live chat to your blog/website gives you another means to communicate with your website visitor.

It is especially useful for e-commerce website whereby product support is much needed. A live chat would be a good experience for the visitor who needs immediate dedicated assistance.

There are a number of live chat services that you can find. I have shortlisted 2, and tried both on my websites. Olark on Just2us (left), and Zopim on Just2me (right).

olark on just2us       zopim on just2me

Both Olark and Zopim are easy to set up (less than 10 min including signing up). Yet comparing the 2, I am liking Olark more, for a couple of reasons:

  • clear instructions for setting up wordpress blog and website
  • use of separate Jabber account for each agent
  • can add agent’s account to Adium easily
  • has powerful command such as “!push”, which will push your visitor to another webpage
  • nicer default chat interface (cleaner and bigger font)

For now, Olark is my choice!