How to ALWAYS earn $10 for each Groupon deal

Published on July 17, 2011

Groupon has a rewards program that rewards you $10 when you

  • introduce a new customer AND
  • the new customer purchase a deal

This is a trick, or a hack, to ALWAYS earn you $10.

For example, if there is a $6 Bak Kwa deal, then you will pay $6 for the deal, and at the same time receive $10. Not only do you receive the voucher, you also get $10 credits for future groupon purchases!

Follow these steps to perform the trick. The key is signing up multiple Groupon accounts easily, using the SAME email.


Step 1: Login to Groupon with your account

To get your link, go to the deal, and recommend to friends via Email. Type in any email and press “Pass on the word”. In the following screen, you would find your link at the bottom.

groupon recommend link

In the example above, it is–10-worth-of-bak-kwa-and-meat-floss-products-at-fragrance-foodstuff/715843764/.zF3BVo

Step 3: Sign out from Groupon



Step 5: Click on “Buy Now!”


Step 6: Sign up as a new user

Fill in some bogus details. The only important detail here is the email. Here, we use a trick where you can enter your same email multiple times. Basically, if your emails is [email protected], you can enter <[email protected]>, and Groupon would treat it as a different email, therefore a new user!

groupon sign up

Step 7: Continue the purchase

Continue the purchase using Paypal or Credit Card. The groupon will be sent to your email!

You will also see your $10 reward! (Pending until the voucher is sent)

groupon credits


Step 8: Do it again!

You can do this multiple times, and earn multiple $10! Keep hacking, starting from step 4.

That’s it for the Groupon trick! Enjoy the deals!