PaC@Gov Website Sucks. It needs BIG Progress!

Published on August 9, 2011

PaC@Gov is a government website for 200,000 Singapore servants to view their pay slips and submit claims.

It is of course a very important website to so many Singapore servants. Yet, the website sucks.

Here is why:

  • It is best viewed with IE6, a web browser technology 10 years ago!
  • It claims to support IE6 and above, but it definitely does not support the latest IE9.

    See my screenshot below on how messed up the website is.

  • It does NOT support Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome!

    That means it is not supporting more than 50% of web users.

  • The website is totally unfriendly. It took me (an experience web user) 10 attempts to submit a simple claim.
screwed up button in pacgov

Screenshot: Screwed-up button in IE9


It needs big change, and big progress. It is such a shame to be a government website.

PaC@Gov, please find a better IT vendor. Please don’t use back NCS.

_Disclaimer: I am not working for the Government, and doesn’t need to use PaC@Gov. I wrote this post because I tried to help a teacher to submit her claim. I even attempt to change its CSS to get back the “Make Claim” button, but failed. _I was very disappointed with the website so I felt a need to grumble here.__

__If you are a user of PaC@Gov Website, and has a comment, please leave it below. __