AsiaTop50Apps voting system fixed

Published on October 5, 2011

Five days ago, I posted what happens when you have a hackable voting system, and I decided to curl SG Blood to become an undisputed winner.

However, under pressure, e27 admitted their epic mistake and fixed their voting system. They employed Facebook’s like and Google’s +1.

With the voting system fixed, there is no way for me to curl SG Blood to become the winner Open-mouthed smile

I know SG Blood is not a top 50 app candidate. . It was submitted to asiatop50apps merely because of the hackable voting system.

So my game halted. However, if you want to show support, please go ahead and vote SG Blood!

A couple of useful apps

There are a couple of good & useful apps, and I want to take this chance to highlight some that I cast my votes for:

  1. Hoiio – Yeah, I do work for Hoiio, but our phone bill slashing app is definitely useful!
  2. Gothere – The #1 app for finding your way around Singapore by bus, train or car
  3. around! – Nice app for finding discounts around the island
  4. movend – This is not really an app, but their payment SDK is a good work
  5. SG Buses – Very useful for finding bus arrival times
  6. Pigeonhole – Innovative real-time Q&A tool
  7. Zopim – Add live chat to your website, like how I use it

So those are my selections, go cast your votes too!