SG 4D v3 – No more under my care

Published on July 23, 2013

I launched SG 4D app in Mar 2009.

After 4 years, I am now transferring ownership to someone else. Starting with version 3.0, it is developed by another company.

The good news is:

  • The app no longer has ads!
  • And you don’t have to pay to unlock the PRO features!

Reminiscing.. I developed SG 4D because of my dad. He always switches my TV to teletext at 7pm. I created the app for him, and many others.

Many people thought I like to buy 4D or Toto. But no, I discourage the game, and has never spent more than $10 in my entire life! I always discourage my dad on what a waste of money on the game.

I am glad that I took this journey, and earned back what he lost :)

“Don’t have to see. You never win one lah”, is what I always said to him.