How to create explainer video for your product?

Published on July 6, 2013

Most websites now use videos for their homepage.

Those 1-2 minutes videos are known as explainer videos, like this:


Why make video?

This is because no one likes to read text.

And human brain gets attracted, and therefore understands better, when being stimulated visually and audibly.

So how do you create a video? Let me introduce 4 ways.


#1 Hire professional video creators

This is the recommended way, because professional service can help you in many ways from writing a script, identifying what is key in your video, to producing the video animation.

The cost varies from as much as $20,000 to as low as $1000.

The top video makers:


  • Video Brewery – $3,000-$5000. Started by Demo Duck. Has curated video makers. 
  • elance – as low as $500


#2 DIY using professional tools – After Effects

You can DIY too, but there will be A LOT of work.

Follow these 9 steps. The professional use the same process.

The motion graphics animation is the hardest. The professionals use Adobe After Effects, which is 10 times more difficult that Photoshop, and cost thousands.

So unless you have the passion to learn and use After Effects, don’t try.


#3 DIY using easier apps

If you still want to DIY, you can try applications such as GoAnimate, PowToon, or Video Scribe.

They are usually free to try (with limitations).


#4 DIY using regular apps

There are 2 regular applications that you might already have that can be used.

  • Keynote – Yes, you can use the Mac app! Learn from this guide. Magic Move is the key. Compare this same piece of work using Keynote vs After Effects!
  • Camtasia – You can also use screen capturing for doing a simple “How it works” video.