The Malkovich Bias

Published on June 8, 2013

I have learnt of a new phenomena.

The Malkovich Bias – is defined as the tendency to believe that everyone uses the web the same way as you do.

How many times have you heard friends/colleagues saying these:

“No one will click on advertisement banners.”

“That needs to go above the fold because no one scrolls.”

“Everyone skims. They don’t read.”

“They wouldn’t be able to know this link is clickable.”

“That feels weird.”

“That will be confusing for our users.”

When one said something based on their web experience, that is known as the Malkovich Bias effect.

It’s dangerous, because many times they could be very wrong.

That’s why we must conduct usability testing.

PS: 1% of people click on ads. Food for thoughts.