Baby Log — another app for new parents

Published on December 17, 2015

Originally posted on Medium:

Shortly after launching Jade, I started on a new app.

While Jade is a great journal app to pen down memorable moments with your child, logging mundane stuff — feedings, diaper change, weight, etc— is best logged somewhere else.

I use a note book and physically record these mundane stuff.

On a typical day, I could record up to 8 feedings and 8 diaper change! That’s a lot of times I have to flip open the book, and write down the time and details.

Benefits of logging

I am not a believer of logging too much. I didn’t want to log in a book at first..

But after a few loud shrieks that left me totally clueless on WHY ARE YOU CRYING, I decided it is best that we (all caregivers) know:

  • when and how much was the baby last fed?
  • when was the last diaper change?
  • when and how long was the sleep?
  • is there constipation?
  • is baby gaining weight normally?

Turned out keeping a log book answer these questions.

And so I turned the log book into an app (:

Download Baby Log

There are many similar apps that tracks the same thing. One of the most popular is Baby Connect (formally Activity Logger), which cost US$4.99, but I find it complex to use.

Baby Connect’s Dashboard

Perhaps they are too comprehensive, had too many different data to show/add, therefore a glance at their Dashboard makes me dizzy..

And so I designed Baby Log to be elegant and fast to use.

I also designed the Photo album to display Kate’s photos with her age, so we can see her growing beautifully (:

Baby Log is a paid app, at US$1.99. Find out more from the App Store.

You can also use one of the 2O promo codes to download for FREE, if you are lucky.

Also, check out Jade, a free app for parents to co-write a journal for their child.