HK Radio launched, but dropping a great feature..

Published on April 8, 2016

The Hong Kong version is the third, or the trilogy, of the radio app series.

HK Radio

The functionalities and interface is largely same as it’s predecessors, except that recording feature is removed!

It wasn’t our choice, but that of Apple to remove the feature.. as they quoted, the app violates clause 8.6:

8.6  Apps that include the ability to download music or video content from third party sources (e.g. YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc) without explicit authorization from those sources will be rejected

While we understood the concern with music piracy, we wasn’t sure if that should be applied to radio. Radio is a broadcasting medium, and recording is not — downloading.

More so, radio is more than music. Without recording, listeners will not be able to record talkshows and conversations.

It is a regret to remove the feature.

It is true that Apple review process is hurting us.