Here Comes a New Gatekeeper - Facebook Messenger/Bot Reviewers

Published on May 28, 2016

Over the past few weeks, I was trying out Facebook newly opened chat platform, and build a SG 4D bot.

Our bot, named Didi, is at an infant stage, and does not possess AI you see in Terminator.

The plan was to improve it’s intelligence by using in the next version.

However, this v1 bot is deemed not good enough for Facebook reviewers.

Apparently Didi could not establish a meaningful conversation with the bot reviewer.

Without a correct reply to the “hi” and “hello”, the bot app is rejected.


I agree that not knowing how to respond to “hi” is not good enough. I will fix that.

The question is:

How much to fix and improve?

What are the bot reviewer guidelines?

I have seen how terrible and frightening Apple app reviewers are. It is killing us developers.

I am afraid Facebook bot reviewers will be the same.

Not like Poncho understand every slang Not like Poncho understand every slang