New App: Germany+

Published on June 20, 2014

This started off as an idea from a hackathon, which was eventually released after 1 month of polishing.


Germany+ is an iOS app for Germany football fans to follow how their national team is doing.

There are 2 main features of the app:

  1. Track the live scores (with push notification on goals)
  2. Predict the outcome and win virtual coins

The innovation of this app is in the way you predict the outcome.

Instead of betting on the myriad of bet types eg. 1X2 or Asian Handicaps, this app allows you to only bet on Germany to win.

You CANNOT bet on Germany to lose or draw. That will be contradictory since you are a Germany fan, right?

There are odds for each match, so you got to wager according to your confidence level of Germany to win.

The good news is, the odds are much higher than traditional 1X2 odds, so on average, you should have a positive return.

Germany+ is a positive soccer betting app (: